Top Things You Should Know Before Scrapping Your Car

Scrapping like what Skrota bilen offers is not easy, but sometimes it’s the best option. If you’re going to scrap your car, you need to be aware of the possible consequences (environmental and financial).

Here are the top things you should know before scrapping your car:

1. You’ll Have to Pay Duty on The Scrap Value

You will have to pay duty on the scrap value of your vehicle, which is calculated based on age and estimated scrap value. Duty rates depend on the model of the car and its year of first registration. Essentially, paying duty means less money will be in your pocket when you sell the vehicle to a scrap dealer.

2. You’ll Still Have to Pay The Pollution Levy

In addition to duty, you will also have to pay the pollution levy. This is a one-off tax on all vehicles that are scrapped. How much you pay depends on the vehicle’s engine capacity and age. As of 2019, the following rates apply: If your car has an engine capacity of less than 1800cc or is ten years or older, you’ll need to pay RPS1 (the amount changes from time to time).

3. You’ll Need To Dispose of The Engine Oil And Gearbox Oil

It may not be evident to you, but when your car is being scrapped, all fluids contained within the engine and gearbox are released into the environment. This will most often be engine oil and gearbox oil, but it may also include coolant. It’s your responsibility to dispose of these fluids properly.

4. You’ll Have to Pay Someone To Take Your Car Away From You

When you decide to scrap your car in Ireland, you have several options for getting rid of it – e.g., via a dealer or a non-dealer (i.e., at an unofficial scrapyard). Before you scrap your car, you should find out what those options are and which one is best for you.

5. You’ll Still Have to Pay Road Tax and Registration Fees

The vehicle tax rate for any vehicle that is scrapped in Ireland is the same as for any other new or used car. Therefore, the tax rates for scrapping a car are: If it’s over ten years old, you’ll need to pay RPS1.

6. You’ll Still Have to Pay Vat

When you scrap a car, you can claim back the value-added tax (VAT) you paid on it when you bought it. You can do this in three stages: You can claim back any VAT that was already spent on the scrapped car, which remains to be paid.

7. You Can Get A Loyalty Discount On Your Scrapped Car

If this is your first scrapped car and you buy a new one simultaneously, then there’s a chance that your new car will be cheaper than what it would otherwise have cost had you scrapped your old one and bought it a new one instead. Your loyalty discount will depend on how much was paid for your old car and how old it is. If unsure how old your car is, check out some tips here.

In conclusion, should you decide to scrap your car, you must do your research and be aware of the consequences. To be most effective, it’s recommended that you take a scrap car course rather than just relying on what you hear from friends or from reading the internet.

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