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How to Paint Ceramic Tiles at Home

It may seem unnecessary to paint the bathroom and kitchen tiles, as in most cases, ceramic tiles have their own colors and designs. But when you need a change, you can do anything you want. When you are renovating your home, it is highly unlikely that you will replace the tiles from the walls unless they are in bad condition. But if they look old, it can make your entire wall look bad, even after renovating everything else. An easy and inexpensive way to overcome this issue is to paint the tiles. Painting the tiles is not just helpful in making your tiles look good but also in cooling down your home and reducing humidity. If you plan on painting the tiles at your home, here are the steps to follow.

Decide whether a painting is the best option

If your house is not very old and the tiles still look good, and in place, it is a good choice to paint them for freshness. But if the tiles have stayed for a long time and their condition cannot get any better with painting, you may have to plan on replacing them completely.

Locate the spots to paint

Decide the areas around your house that you want to paint. It is sensible to avoid the areas that have a lot of moisture and is in heavy use, such as shower walls. If you want to improve such areas, you can prefer tile refinishing instead of complete replacement. Decide whether you want to paint the countertops based on how roughly it gets used in your house.

Clean the surface properly

Use a wiper and a clean white cloth to clean the tiles for oil, soap, and dirt before applying paint in it. It will ruin the texture of the paint and will make your tiles even dirtier. Wipe off anything on the surface of the tiles so you can apply fresh paint to them.

Repair cracks and chips

Use white cement to cover all the cracks on the tiles and apply it over the chipped areas to level the surfaces. You can also use a caulking gun or putty to do the same before you begin painting. With expertise, you can make the cracks and chips disappear from the surface after painting. Allow the putty to dry out before you start painting.

Use a primer

You can use a primer before applying paint to the tiles. It will help the paint stick stronger on the walls and will be evenly distributed. Ceramic tiles can be slippery on the surface, and even the Best Tile Paint can sometimes have difficulty in sticking to it. You can solve this problem using a primer that is meant especially for tile painting.

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