Crypto Laundry: Wash your Bitcoin Transactions

Bitcoin, contrary to popular belief, does not offer absolute anonymity. A motivated person can trace your transactions back to you. If the country you live in has made Bitcoin illegal, government authorities can come after you. Bitcoin Laundry offers cryptocurrency users the chance to truly anonymous transactions by mixing their addresses with other investors’ transactions. The process is incredibly effortless and assures that no one can trace your payments back to you.

As part of the customer’s privacy, Bitcoin laundry websites do not disclose much about its management or location. This is common with crypto businesses, especially ones which offer discreet services such as anonymizing transactions. Even though that is the case, it is not impossible to talk to someone regarding Bitcoin Laundry. In case you have questions or doubts regarding the process, you can check their page or send them an email through a support page. However, if you need to go straight to the mixing service, the process is given below.

  • Click ‘Clean Bitcoins Now’
  • Begin mixing by entering the Bitcoin address
  • Specify how fast you need your coins to be mixed
  • Clean your Bitcoins


Coinomize has the best fees in the industry, which is about 0.0002 BTC for each payment. It doesn’t matter how much is to be cleaned, since the cost is a standard 0.0002 (which translates to about $2). Even the so-called third party best bitcoin laundry services provided online charge with an average fee of 1% of your coins for mixing crypto. This means that if you want to mix a hundred thousand dollars worth of BTC, you can expect to lose a clean thousand dollars unless you work with bitcoin laundry.


Like most people, you might also want to make your BTC transactions as anonymous as possible, leaving no traces of it anywhere. Coinomize makes this possible in a number of ways. For starters, there is no need to create an account. All you need to do is visit the company’s website and enter the address of the receiver. They will give you a secure address to send your coins. Specify the time within which you need your coins cleaned, and it will be done within that time frame. For additional security, the company advises people to visit their website through the Onion search engine on a Tor browser, so make sure you have that as well. If you are using a mobile device, use the Orfox browser and Orbot to help you launch Tor.

Payment Limits

Even though the fee for Coinomize is small, there are certain limitations as to how many coins you can mix at a time. The minimum limit is 0.0015 BTC which is capped at 230 BTC. With such limits in mind, the minimum US dollar equivalent at press time is 12 dollars, and the maximum amount is $1.965 million, which is an amount large enough to satisfy many high rollers. You can also split the coins to send them to 2-5 addresses instead of one. You can even specify the exact percentage of the money you need sent to each of the addresses.

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