New home vs used home

A dilemma every home buyer has to sort through in their personal home buying process, and that’s the difficulty of whether to buy a new home or a resale home let’s go ahead and tackle the resale home first because the reality is there are several reasons that a home buyer might prefer a resale house even if that used home may need some extensive work, for instance, a buyer of a resale home may have the heart set on moving to a specific neighbourhood in the city or a close-in suburb where newly constructed houses are rare or not even available unless they buy an existing home or perhaps the home buyer may be a do-it-yourself affection and relish the opportunity to take an old house and transform it even if it takes considerable time and money, so, understandably, some home buyers prefer an existing home in an older neighbourhood yet simultaneously there are significant advantages to buying a brand-new home.

Why a new home over a used or resale home?

The first motivation would be community amenities face it, many new homes are built in over-the-top master-planned communities resort-style community centres, pools and clubhouses also many new home neighbourhoods feature walking and nature trails as well as protected open lands and new homes are almost always situated in close proximity to some of the best schools and shopping that’s nearby you know it’s an age-old real-estate proverb ‘the three keys to real estate is location location location’ without fail most home builders focus on premiere locations to build their homes and in addition to premiere locations a second motivator for a new home is the home buyer can design their dream home their way you see a discriminating home buyer may ask themselves why would I settle for someone else’s choices when I can select my own favourite cabinets countertops appliances carpets and Florence and of course the buyer of a new home can choose high ceilings walk-in closets stunning bath and kitchen fixtures, lighting and other options that they actually prefer and ultimately a brand new home will reflect their personal style and not someone else’s taste.



The new homebuyer benefits from, and that’s energy cost savings today’s new homes are far more energy-efficient than homes built ten or twenty years ago. It’s a game over energy-efficient advantage of both heating and cooling seasons to own a brand new home plus with state-of-the-art ventilation and air filtration there’s unparalleled indoor air quality and let’s not forget lower maintenance is mentioned earlier there are indeed some do-it-yourselfers who love to spend their weekends and holidays repairing and fixing their home. Still, if your home buyer is not a do-it-yourself person and would prefer spending their weekends in downtown relaxing and doing fun things with their friends or family, it’s a pretty obvious choice to own a brand-new home because a new home is built with all the cutting-edge building products.


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