DIY compost

DIY compost at home

Many of us want to contribute to our environment positively we try and do that by buying organic biodegradable products cutting out plastic, one straightforward and necessary way of going about it is to start at home and what you can do at home is separate your wet waste which is your kitchen waste from your dry waste which is paper, plastic etc. and if you can go one step, a tiny step ahead of that you can prepare your own compost, or if you have never made it, you have no idea how to go about it or if you have been trying it. Still, you think you’re going wrong somewhere. Let us look at a few points on making good all-natural compost.

Natural compost

The first step

The most important thing is to get some sort of a compost bin for yourself, now you can start with a mud cup or a compost bin which is made of terracotta, you can buy this online or from a shop nearby, mostly what it does is that there are three kinds of vessels. They have holes here for aeration, you need to see that there are three containers and once we fill up the first one it goes below, and the other, empty one comes up first, and when you add food waste to it so when we say food waste, we mean both cooked thins and uncooked. You can put anything in, and then you need to add some leaves so every day or every alternate day you have to keep adding dried leaves and food to this.

Adding bacteria

Next, you need to add is curd and you pour it above this now you don’t have to add curd every time you add food waste only to start we’re going to add curd. The curd will help to introduce microbes in the system which will help decompose our food waste into compost, the first thing that one feels goes wrong is there’s a lot of smell that starts coming out, now you have to understand a little science for that your food waste is nitrogen, and the leaves that we’re adding is carbon now if the nitrogen amount is too much you’ll start smelling so if you feel that continuously there’s too much smell which is unbearable add dried leaves how many how much of dried leaves do you add like a handful of dried leaves to your compost bin.

In a nutshell

You will have to take care of the compost and attend to it regularly, for example, if you are travelling for a month and are unable to take care of it while you are away, it will completely dry out. The compost is almost ready, but it’s scorched so what do you do when it’s dried you just add water whatever you add to your compost bin be mindful that you’re not adding too many lemons or chilli that would reduce the rate of decomposition.

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