Art and Craft

What Is The Difference Between Art And Craft?

Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination it originates from 10th century France, and there are visual arts that include painting, sculpting, photography and filmmaking. There are also performing arts that include dance, theatre and singing. On the other hand, the craft is an activity involving skill in making things by hand it originates from West Saxon Northumbrian examples of crafts may include textiles, woodworking, paper crafts and pottery. A study conducted by students in Michigan, where they asked multiple participants to take a piece of paper and make an aeroplane, next they asked them to draw something that comes to their mind during the holiday season. After looking at the parts they had just made, they were asked to define which is considered an art and which is considered a craft. All of them said that making the aeroplane is a craft while drawing was an art, all of them had suitable reasons about why they thought so the art. These participants provided somewhat similar reasons while explaining whether the aeroplane or the drawing was considered an art or craft one of the reasons could be that our craft is usually made by hand and art could be regarded as something drawn or sculpted.


Ceramics is considered an art or craft

Ceramics can be considered both an art and a craft, ceramics is an organ itself like many other subjects and fine art but the term crafts is evolving in today’s society in the art world, and it also has been considered a craft. Ceramics requires focus and precision, it is both an art and craft, it asks you to imagine the shape and form of the object you are making at the same time the potter needs to apply his/her skills to make sure that the clay comes to form in the same shape as his/her imagination. Art requires you to think, imagine and process feelings, it is a portrayal of your inner self while craft helps to project your inner self into the outer world. In ceramics, it is essential to have a concrete image of what you are planning to create.


In a nutshell

The definitions of art and craft cannot be solidified or given a concrete form, an activity like painting or poetry is both art and craft because it involves both beautiful imagination and persuasive skill. Throughout many centuries the term art has been interpreted many different ways, language among many other factors have been influenced tremendously if a person sees a painting, they may be reminded of the language during that time every day all over the world. Arts and Crafts affect society, artists, parents, students and many others are always looking up to keep with the latest trends, for example, fashion design may be considered both an art and a craft over all the terms art and craft can be interpreted differently depending on the person, what do you think?

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