Gods and jewellery

Indian gods and jewellery

God, often defined as a supreme guiding force that helps you get through the day no matter which part of the world you may belong to he can be seen as the giver, the preserver or the destroyer inĀ  Hinduism or merely the way the truth and the life as seen in Christianity which is part in the world you are in. God manifests himself in many shapes and sizes across the globe and now is seen in different avatars, one thing seems to unite all the gods together, and that is there is no blink amongst them, they all focus on the concept of the humility of the heart and the body and thus live by example as many as sociologists may say that just like a politician God too is only depicted as a representation of the self but yet somehow this common rule did not apply to the gods of the Indian subcontinent who seemed to delight themselves with the many an ornament which confuses a lot of non-believers, now as the saying goes nothing happens without reason so let’s explore the hidden symbolism behind this concept of being showered with jewels especially in a country that is famous for being known where people go to bed hungry.

The Vedas and other cultures

It is believed that since the Vedic time jewellery had a significant role to play amongst the devotees who aim to be closer to the divine from attaining divine consciousness or Chaitanya or only negativity or purifying their karma wearing jewellery and gold, in particular, was thus favoured by the masses. Still, practically speaking, man is attracted to all that shines and anything vibrant the shining ornaments helps match mind in such away from the middle of destructions that he focuses attention on the divinity with whom he wishes to be. With the Christians call this art of being easily distracted as the tempter the ornaments are integral to getting your attention as innately speaking, man has desires which distract him daily from his duties. Many cultures have understood this across the world. They have used this notion to strengthen the religious fervour of their flock for example in Portuguese forms of Christianity that is in most Portuguese churches across India you will notice that the entire church is laid bare. Still, the art and all the gilded types of ornamentation is focused on the altar where the attention of the flock needs to be with God.



Religions may do the same using cultural appropriate colours and subtleties like red use in Chinese or blue use in Jewish societies. Still, going by a satisfying practical answer is that as many bald over the years the customs and traditions remain imprisoned in the past this is a classic example gold was the primary currency used by many across the Indian subcontinent man was identified and associated by many hence it was only natural that they would use this to conquer the minds of many for a higher purpose.

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