As the Holiday season is in full swing, I’m sure many of you are spending your evenings party hopping from Christmas party to Christmas party. I’m thrilled to share this super glam clutch DIY. It’s the perfect accessory and transform any LBD into a LBD YAAAAAS GIRL YOUR OUTFIT IS FAB!

In this video I also introduce you to my newly discovered jeweled adhesive sheets. Yes, JEWELED ADHESIVE SHEETS! Never again will we be forced to apply individual jewels. Now we all have the privilege of the peel and stick! Click HERE to watch the video and don’t forget to subscribe!

Miss Kris DIY Garland Christmas Wreath

Christmas time is here! I’m so excited! I love decorating for Christmas. It’s rare that you’ll find me decorating with the traditional red and green colors of the season. I’d much rather prefer decking the halls with metallic pinks and purples. I often find myself having to craft Christmas decor pieces (duhhhh! less “having” and more like wanting!) and this easy DIY wreath is one of my favorites.

There are so many pretty garland options out there and turning a pretty metallic garland into a glamorous wreath is as easy as they come. Plus, if you’re dollar store is hooked up with great Christmas and craft supplies, this is a cheap and chic  hashtag dollar store decor project!

Miss Kris DIY Garland Christmas Wreath 2


  • Garland
  • A Wreath Form
  • Push Pins


  1. Wrap your garland around your wreath form using.
  2. Use your push pins to secure your garland in place.
  3. If needed, use a piece of ribbon to hang.

As promised, this project is soooooo simple and  easy but I love being able to customize my home with wreaths that match my decor perfectly! I’d love to hear how you decorate for the Holidays. Drop me a note in the comment section and let me know the colors and your overall theme.

Photos by Selena Avino

Assembly Required Ad

Los Angeles, CA – I’m so excited to finally share with you the Miss Kris Assembly Required DIY kits!!! I have to be honest, I’ve been working on this little project for quite some time now. See the thing with me and projects, especially ones that I’m really passionate about, is that it takes me forever to agree (or commit as my therapist would say). I want everything to be beautiful and absolutely perfect, so I sit on projects longer than I should. Call it fear. Call it commitment issues. Call it whatever you want, but the point is nothing never gets accomplished. Finally at some point you just have to give it a go and here we are!!!

My dream in life is to inspire every woman to live a little more glamorously. The idea of a glamorous woman isn’t just about beauty, it’s about confidence. We’re not like men. We find confidence in different areas of our lives. As a woman, our entire mood can be effect by the way we feel about ourselves. Nothing changes my mood than slipping on our favorite dress and accessorizing it with fantastic piece of jewelry. With the Holidays approaching I wanted to give my bold and creative readers one more reason to be glamorous this season. These DIY kits are a chic and creative way to accessorize as you work your way through Holiday party after Holiday party. Pair them with your favorite LBD and you’re all set! Nothing gives you that extra boost than letting a fellow party goer know that “…Yes! My earrings are fabulous. Thank you! And yes I made them myself!”

There are 4 wonderful earring kits to choose from this season and they included all* the materials you’ll need to craft them. You can view and purchase them HERE. They also make great gifts this season!!

As I mentioned, I’m excited and also a little nervous to share. I hope you love these projects just as much as I do and I hope that they fill you with lots of joy! These are all projects I’ve done at some point before on my blog. So if you’re a faithful Miss Kris (Glitter ‘N Glue) reader, you might recognize them. Enjoy! Enjoy! And Happy Holidays!!! xo

{Photos by Selena Avino}

*scissors and jewelry pliers are not included

Miss Kris Thanksglamming 1Thanksgiving is here! My favorite Holiday of the entire year. I love thanksgiving because it’s less about the hoopla and more about taking a second to be truly thankful, spend time with family and friends, eat and watch a lil football! Although, if you’re playing hostess this Thanksgiving you might be stressing a little to make sure everything is perfect for your guest. Well allow me to take a little stress off your shoulders and remove “decor” off your list.

Setting the Thanksgiving table is my favorite thing to do (prob because I don’t really cook). I just love the look of a well put together table. So classy. This year think about setting your table with fresh produce from the grocery store. It’s simply beautiful, evokes that farm fresh vibe (even if you’re eating canned goods) and you can pick everything up while you’re shopping at the market!

Here’s a little Youtube video to show you how:

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Miss Kris Beverly Hills 3.3

Beverly Hills, CA – It’s a dress?! It’s a shirt?! I’m not really sure but when I saw this fabulous fringe piece squeezed between pieces on a rack in H&M I just knew I had to have it. When it comes to fashion, I’ve put a freeze on the purchase of black. Anything black …besides shoes _ accessories. I have WAY too many black pieces in my closet so for the next few months I’ll only be adding pieces of true value to the mix and not just another black dress.

Olive is the color of the Fall (along with my other favorite burgundy), is a great alternative to black and looks great on almost everyone. A nice, rich and warm jewel-tone that’s perfect for the season. This outfit has me feeling like a West Coast Carrie Bradshaw mixed with a hint of Troop Beverly Hills. A special thanks to the 4 way crosswalk on Rodeo for helping us achieve this shot. Have you make any olive purchases this season?

Dress + Belt available at H&M | Boots by JustFab

{photos by Selena Stills)

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