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SOLE SOCIETY !Summer is almost here and thus sandal season!!! I’m over here getting ready. I through out almost all of my sandals from last year and I’m updating with some fresh new styles. I loved these white flats from Sole Society, but obviously they needed some jewels. DIY ALERT! Sandals + sew on jewels + glue = bejewesled and fabulous flats. Check out this super easy DIY video.

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  • Catherine - Oh. I like!!! Only question. Does the glue hold up to the rain? Nothing like getting caught in a random summer rain and having the jewels fall off! They look adorable though!!!!!ReplyCancel

    • Kristen - I used E6000 and that glue is pretty strong! However, if I got caught in the rain in these sandals I’d either a.) wait out the rain or b.) wrap some plastic bags around my shoes!!!! lol I’d be more concerned about the ruining the white leather than the jewels.

      PS: You must live down South. No one talks about random Summer rainstorms here in LA. I miss them!!!ReplyCancel

  • A. Blake - Very cute, I plan on jazzing up a few of my sandals as well.ReplyCancel

  • Catherine - LOL–Kristen, I live in the Northeast. We have bizarre random summer rains AND suns showers (which surprised me to learn that some people never heard of a sun shower!). Thanks for the tip about the glue!ReplyCancel

  • FASHION du jour - I love this DIY too! It’s a tie between the tulle bow tie stiletto sandals and these! ReplyCancel

  • Sarahlyn - These are awesome!ReplyCancel

  • Tiff + Coco - Love this! Will definitely be trying this out. Thanks for the tips! XO ReplyCancel

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m letting my Mom take over this episode of Kristen Explains It All and share with y’all the life lessons she’s been sharing with me for the past 30 + years. She’s my go to person when I’m searching for a few words of wisdom. My Mom has always been very blunt and honest with me. She never sugar coated life and in doing so prepared me to deal with reality of being an adult. She’s also pretty fab and pretty funny so I wanted her to share her advice with you guys. Life according to my Mom. Enjoy!


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My favorite weekend pastime has to be thrifting through forgotten treasures at flea markets. I recently took a trip to the world famous Rose Bowl Flea in Pasadena, CA in hopes of walking away with a few fab finds. Click here to watch the adventures and see the few tips I’m sharing that make shopping easier. Hopefully you’ll keep them in mind next time you head to the flea market. Also keep an eye out for a cameo from my Mom. She was my shopping buddy on this trip!

  • Lauren - Hello Miss Kris!

    Can a longtime time fan and fellow New-Orleanian-to-LA transport suggest a DIY?

    I saw and loved this Eugenia Kim “do not disturb” hat, but the price point is just a little step when you are paying Los Angeles rent!


    Seems pretty ripe for a Miss Kris DIY video to me. :)

    Keep being awesome!ReplyCancel