Miss Kris Christmas Wrap Garland DIY 1

I’m literally obsessed with wrapping bows. I wear them as brooches and headpieces. I even place them in my tree as ornaments. They’re just so perfect, especially when then come in bold colors or metallics. Here’s a fun wrapping bow garland DIY that’s so festive and easy to make  with the extra bows you still have laying around.

Miss Kris Christmas Wrap Garland DIY 2


  • A Package Of Bows
  • Wrapping Ribbon
  • Tape (if needed)


  1. Cut a piece of wrapping ribbon the desired length of garland
  2. Add packing bows by removing adhesive protector and adding it to the ribbon
  3. Add another bow to the reverse side.

NOTE: If the bows aren’t sticking together or falling off easily apply a dab of glue or tape in the middle to secure

Photos by Selena Avino

Miss Kris Fur 2

Los Angeles, CA – So if you didn’t know, before I started blogging full-time I was a celebrity wardrobe stylist. I assisted some of the best stylist in the game and we worked with some of the biggest celebrities on the most exciting projects. I learned  A LOT about fashion. I basically learned that everything I know, or thought was right about wardrobing was WRONG! lol

Over the years of assisting, I learned to push the envelope, avoid matchy-matchy, leopard is a neutral  and mix the hell out of some patterns. As crazy as I would think something would look, it was always worked when it came to the final product. Recently my photographer Selena and I were shooting some images for my DIY kits and I told her eI wanted to avoid a traditional outfit pic. I was inspired by my old  days as a stylist and wanted to push the envelope a little (aka no pants lol). If you follow me on insta (@MissKristagram) then you’ve seen a few of these, but I just wanted to share a few more. Hope this inspires someone to think outside the box today!

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As the Holiday season is in full swing, I’m sure many of you are spending your evenings party hopping from Christmas party to Christmas party. I’m thrilled to share this super glam clutch DIY. It’s the perfect accessory and transform any LBD into a LBD YAAAAAS GIRL YOUR OUTFIT IS FAB!

In this video I also introduce you to my newly discovered jeweled adhesive sheets. Yes, JEWELED ADHESIVE SHEETS! Never again will we be forced to apply individual jewels. Now we all have the privilege of the peel and stick! Click HERE to watch the video and don’t forget to subscribe!

Miss Kris DIY Garland Christmas Wreath

Christmas time is here! I’m so excited! I love decorating for Christmas. It’s rare that you’ll find me decorating with the traditional red and green colors of the season. I’d much rather prefer decking the halls with metallic pinks and purples. I often find myself having to craft Christmas decor pieces (duhhhh! less “having” and more like wanting!) and this easy DIY wreath is one of my favorites.

There are so many pretty garland options out there and turning a pretty metallic garland into a glamorous wreath is as easy as they come. Plus, if you’re dollar store is hooked up with great Christmas and craft supplies, this is a cheap and chic  hashtag dollar store decor project!

Miss Kris DIY Garland Christmas Wreath 2


  • Garland
  • A Wreath Form
  • Push Pins


  1. Wrap your garland around your wreath form using.
  2. Use your push pins to secure your garland in place.
  3. If needed, use a piece of ribbon to hang.

As promised, this project is soooooo simple and  easy but I love being able to customize my home with wreaths that match my decor perfectly! I’d love to hear how you decorate for the Holidays. Drop me a note in the comment section and let me know the colors and your overall theme.

Photos by Selena Avino