DIY: Reusable Coffee Cup Sleeve

Glitter Hi my name is Kristen and I’m a coffee addict. I started as a social drinker who only drank occasionally but now I can’t seem to function in the morning without a fresh cup of brew.  I frequent my local Starbucks so much that the staff considers me a regular and they’re all familiar with my order. Overtime I’ve seem to have collected an obscene amount of Starbucks cups and sleeves.  I thought it was time that I not only give my cup a new look but create a reusable coffee cup sleeve. Just because I have an addiction does not mean I’m not a socially conscious individual. Save a tree, use a glitter reusable coffee sleeve!

Glitter {Materials} A thick/ insulated fabric (I salvaged this glitter fabric years ago from my blogger friend Dedicated Follower Of Fashion), Scissors, Glue, Clothespins

Glitter Pick up a sleeve from your favorite coffee shop to use as a template. Trace the pattern onto your fabric.

Glitter Use the scissors to cut out the pattern.

Glitter Apply a healthy amount of glue to one end of the sleeve.

Glitter Use your clothespin to hold the ends of your sleeve in place while the glue sets.

Glitter Keep your new sleeve in your purse and used it on those early morning coffee runs. Trust me it’ll make your coffee taste better!


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