DIY: Metallic Trim Tuxedo Pants

Turkey day is two days away and I couldn’t be more excited! Bring on the food, family, friends and the football games. My entire goal of Thanksgiving is to not count a single calorie and eat any and everything I want to! In order to achieve my goal I’ll need the proper attire. Jeans are absolutely out for obvious reasons so I’m guessing it’s time to dress up a pair of my most comfy sweatpants so they’re dinner table appropriate.

Style Notes: Jacket available at Target.

Materials: Sweatpants, Trim, Iron On Adhesive Tape

Fold your pants so the side seam is flat. Place the tape directly to the seam and the trim directly on top of the tape. Place the iron on top of the trim. The iron will  heat the adhesive of the tape and secure the trim into place.

Note: Read the instruction of your particular adhesive tape to ensure the best results.

Tuxedo pants are a big trend this Fall. Gwen, Cassie and Kristen have been spotted striped pants and of course MJ made the tuxedo pants popular 25 years ago. After Thanksgiving try this project on a pair of jeans or twill pants and add a satin trim. Pop on a pair of heels and you’re ready, set to go!

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