DIY Decor: Picture Frame Serving Tray

My absolute favorite thing to do on the weekends is to curl up with a hot cup of coffee (hot chocolate during the Holidays) and get caught up on my reading (and my reading I mean all my fashion magazines). I have a fun little corner in my apartment with with a cozy chair that looks out the big bay window where I usually do my reading. After making a zillion trips between the kitchen and my reading space, I realize it would be so much easier if I had a little tray to transport my snacks and so little tray I made.

Materials: Memory Box or Picture Frame, Drawer Handles, Placemat

Using a ruler, mark on the frame where the holes for the handle are to be drilled. I salvaged these handles from my neighbor who was about to throw them away, but you can pick up drawer handles at your local hardware store in a different range of prices.

Use a drill to make holes in the frame

Screw the handle into place

Trim the mat to fit inside the frame

Silky animal print PJs by Jaclyn Smith available at Kmart

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