DIY: Two Tone Chunky Chain Necklace

I’m back in LA and back to the business of being crafty. I really enjoyed the time I spent in NYC last week. I left feeling very inspired. Everyone in that city is already extra fancy, but the added pressure of Fashion Week brought out all the fashion fabulosity. I couldn’t help but notice that chunky chain necklaces were a popular look on the streets of The City. Recently, celebs like Rihanna have been spotted rocking the chunky chain and even I got with the program and took my vintage chunky chain necklace for a ride. This trend was the inspiration behind this super easy two tone, two chain DIY project.

Materials: Two Chains, Lobster Claw Closure, Jump Ring, Plyers

Use a pair of plyers to attach the two chains.

There are two tricks to making this project a success: 1.) Be sure your chains will lay flat and 2.) make sure that your chains are the same. I picked two chains that are the exactly the same just different colors. Most jewelry supply stores sale the same chain but in a variety of colors (i.e. gold, silver, etc…). I purchased this chain from M&J Trim. They have a nice selection (here) but chain can be purchased anywhere.

Use your plyers to attach the jump ring to the last link. Attach the lobster claw closure to the jump ring.

Connect the closure to the opposite end of the necklace to secure.

This project is all about options. You can create as many different color combination necklaces as you wish! Silver ‘n black or silver ‘n gold or gold ‘n black. Or if mixing the metals isn’t your thing you can create a fab solid gold, silver or black necklace. There’s also the option of finding/ painting a colored chain like pink or neon yellow. Oh the options!!!!!

Top and pants are from JCPenny (available here and here).

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