DIY: Bullion Crest Tuxedo Flats

The change in weather means my toes are going into hibernation. That’s right no more pedicures for the next 6 months! It’s time to put away those embellished sandals and pull out those fancy flats. I’m a lover of crested flats. Something about them makes me feel regal. It’s like I’m a member of the royal family just because I’m walking around wearing a pair of flats with my “family crest” on them. Anywho, I’m  currently obsessing over a pair of YSL embroidered flats, but since I don’t have YSL kinda money I had to give my $20 pair of Target flats a serious make over. Now I obsess over my DIYed Target tuxedo flats! I hope you enjoy the how-to video for this super easy, super chic project. Subscribe to my Youtube channel if you’re a fan!!

To purchase buillon patches online try here, here or here!

Materials: Flats (available at Target), Metallic Bullion Crest, Fabric Glue, Clamps

This project is soooooo easy. Crest + Glue = new fancy flats!! Allow the glue about 30 mins to dry before you wear them.

Bring on the change in weather. I’m ready!

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