DIY: Embellished Sunglasses

Embellished sunglasses. Enough said.

I fell in love with the Dsquared2 embellished shades (here) the second I saw them. I even obsessed (in a “good girl gone bad” kinda way) over the Mercura glasses Rihanna wore during her London BBC Radio 1 Summer concert (here). Embellished sunglasses have become my new thing, honey!

I could resist adding a little razzle dazzle to my H&M sunnies. So chic and so easy…

Materials: Sunglasses, Seed Beads, Glue, Clear Finger Nail Polish

Since the seed beads will be the major focal point this project be sure you pick a color that accentuates your frames. You can purchase seed beads by the bundle at a bead store. Also, most fabric stores sell by the tube in an array of colors. Pick the smallest size bead for the best results.

Add a layer of glue to the area of the glasses you would like to embellish.

Bedazzle! Hurry while the glue is still wet and apply the beads to your glasses.

Allow the glue a second to dry, then apply a coat of clear polish to set the beads in place. Let it dry.

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