DIY: Swimsuit Wrap Cover Up

Just two weeks until my plane leaves…destination Hawaii! I’m so excited for my vacation. I plan on spending most of my time lounging on the beach. The only problem with spending most of the day in a swimsuit is making your wardrobe transitional. A swim cover up is the best way to transition your swimwear to day wear that’s presentable for walking through the hotel lobby or lunching at that beachfront restaurant. This DIY is so simple and so chic. I’m packing at leave 4 of them for my trip.

Materials: 1 and a half yards of fabric, 2 feet of chain, grommets

Pre-cut two holes in your fabric for the grommets. Place one hole in the corner and the other about 6 inches below.

Add the grommets to your fabric. Grommet kits can be purchased at your local fabric store and will come with all the supplies you need.

Use a pair of plyers and attach the chain to your grommets. Repeat on the opposite side.

To wear, simply place the left strap on the right shoulder then take the opposite strap and wrap across the body.

For day I’ll wear this cover up with a pair of embellished sandals and at night I’ll dress it up with a pair of wedges and an armful of bracelets. Stay tuned for lots of vacation pics!

PS: Thanks everyone who tweeted me recommendations on what to do/see while I’m in Hawaii. Keep them coming!!

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