DIY: Neon ‘N Rhinestone Wrap Bracelet

Last week I had drinks with my girls from Giogo TV and fell in love with a wrap bracelet Ms. Tiana Brown was sporting. It was neon, blingy and totally inspired me.  There are so many great bracelet DIYs out there. My friend Jenni from I Spy DIY is always coming out with a new fancy bracelet DIY. I usually stay away from them because my nails are real long and sometimes that makes tying a knot tricky, buuuuut I was in desperate need of some new neon accessories. I happen to already have ALL the materials in my craft closet so there were no excuses! This project may look a little complicado, but seriously it’s so easy. In about 20 minutes I had 4 new neon wrap bracelets.

Materials: Neon Rope, Cupchain Rhinestones

Cut a piece of rope (we’ll call it rope A) to about 12 inches in length. The length of this piece of rope can be adjusted depending on the size of your wrist.

Cut another piece of rope (we’ll call it rope B) to about 36 inches in length.

Use rope B to tie a knot and secure rope A and the rhinestone chain in place. Be sure to leave a loop in rope A for a closure

Take robe B and wrap it around the robe A.

Be sure that rope B is being wrapped between the spaces in the rhinestone chain.

When you get to the end of the chain tie all pieces of rope into a knot.

You’ll slide the knot thru the loop when wearing it. Pair your wrap bracelets with other bracelets to complete the look!

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