DIY: Necklace ‘N Eyeglass Case Purse

The Louboutin 20th Anniversary collection has me crushing on purses that come with their own accessories… an embellished shoulder strap. If I could afford it, I’d be the owner every purse from that capsule collection including this one and this one, but alas we all know I’m financially busted. Thanks goodness this DIY is super easy and super cute ’cause it’s all I got!

Materials: A Hard Eyeglass Case (this one was on sale $5 from Aldo), A Long Necklace, Eye Screws

Screw in the eye screws. It might take a little force to place the screws. If necessary, take out that drill and drill in prep holes.

DIY Tip: I placed my screws on opposite sides of the case just to keep the purse balanced.

Use a pair of plyers to attach the necklace to the eye screws. Be sure to remove the necklace clasp and other findings before you attach the necklace.

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