Miss Kris #LBD 101

Los Angeles, CA – I know I said a few months back that I would never buy another black dress. Well I was lying to myself. I have to confess that nothing makes me more excited than a chic LBD. I can no longer fight it. I have decided to embrace by love for the black dress with the launch of a new series. Fridays are now officially #LBDFridays here on Miss Kris. Every week I will lovingly feature a fab new black dress because there’s really no way around my obsession. I use to think I didn’t need another black dress, but the truth is no two LBDs are the same!

Today I’m gushing over this high/low, off the shoulder dress from City Chic. It fits the curves of my body like a glove. It comes with a belt AND it has pockets. It’s the perfect party dress! Click here to shop.

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Miss Kris Christmas Wrap Garland DIY 1

I’m literally obsessed with wrapping bows. I wear them as brooches and headpieces. I even place them in my tree as ornaments. They’re just so perfect, especially when then come in bold colors or metallics. Here’s a fun wrapping bow garland DIY that’s so festive and easy to makeĀ  with the extra bows you still have laying around.

Miss Kris Christmas Wrap Garland DIY 2


  • A Package Of Bows
  • Wrapping Ribbon
  • Tape (if needed)


  1. Cut a piece of wrapping ribbon the desired length of garland
  2. Add packing bows by removing adhesive protector and adding it to the ribbon
  3. Add another bow to the reverse side.

NOTE: If the bows aren’t sticking together or falling off easily apply a dab of glue or tape in the middle to secure

Photos by Selena Avino

Miss Kris Fur 2

Los Angeles, CA – So if you didn’t know, before I started blogging full-time I was a celebrity wardrobe stylist. I assisted some of the best stylist in the game and we worked with some of the biggest celebrities on the most exciting projects. I learnedĀ  A LOT about fashion. I basically learned that everything I know, or thought was right about wardrobing was WRONG! lol

Over the years of assisting, I learned to push the envelope, avoid matchy-matchy, leopard is a neutralĀ  and mix the hell out of some patterns. As crazy as I would think something would look, it was always worked when it came to the final product. Recently my photographer Selena and I were shooting some images for my DIY kits and I told her eI wanted to avoid a traditional outfit pic. I was inspired by my oldĀ  days as a stylist and wanted to push the envelope a little (aka no pants lol). If you follow me on insta (@MissKristagram) then you’ve seen a few of these, but I just wanted to share a few more. Hope this inspires someone to think outside the box today!

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