I’m so excited to be partnering with JustFab on their latest campaign which was shot in New Orleans, a city near and dear to my heart. I’m from the South, but I grew up with family in Louisiana and spent my college years in New Orleans, one of my absolute favorite cities. I currently live in the crazy place that is Los Angeles and now call it my home. I recently spent the day with JustFab showcasing hidden gems in Los Angeles that remind me of the Crescent City. Here’s my LA in LA. Click HERE to watch and read all about my favorite places on the JustFab blog HERE

Miss Kris In NOLA

Dear Diary,

     I entreated 20-16 with ALL the sparkle, ambition and drive. I was coming for everything they said I could have. I wanted brand grown, mo’ YouTube videos and ALL the brand deals. I was sending emails, scheduling coffees, planning videos and coming up with idea. I was ready, set, go! Then, reality caved in on me like a ton of bricks. January is often slow. I like to think of it as the Holiday Hangover month. Folks are just returning from the Holidays and trying to get organized themselves. My emails went unanswered, coffee meetings pushed and my pitches are tabled until later, undisclosed dates. Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months and before I know it, it’s March. Three months in and I’d accomplished nothing.

     At this point the depression and anxiety has set in. I’m questioning everything.  Am I doing the right thing with my life? Is this good enough? Am I good enough? Is the sky actually blue? The list of questions is a mile long and slowly they’re starting to eat away at my soul. I had to stop the bleeding! I believe this is the part of the story where they tell you to “lean in”. Oh honey was I leaning. I leaned on my nearest and dearest. I was searching for answers. What did I find? Well, I found I wasn’t alone. So many of us are “dealing”. Everyone’s situation is different and our “stuff” comes in a variety of flavors, but at the core we’re all searching for peace, happiness and success.

     Now speaking directly to all my entrepreneurs, go getters and world changers… I feel ya! We have big dreams and ambitions. We want to conquer the world, make change and leave an impact. YEA WE DO! But, here’s the deal: none of this happens overnight and that’s ok. Slow and steady growth is a-ok. The world of entrepreneurship can be high pressure, but we have to take ownership of some of that pressure. Release yourself from it and trust in your game plan and the timing of your life.

     I was recently asked what advice I have for women on remaining confident in your career despite facing the inherent obstacles. My answer? Obstacles are part of the territory. Embrace them. Once you make peace with the fact that they’re part of the game, you’re better equipped to fight trough them. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Just keep going. Yes and yes, but the other part of that truth is that I had to learn to take a little time for myself. I had to get back to a place where I put myself and my well being above any dream or goal of mine.  I’m talking sanity, y’all! We must maintain it. I spent time taking care of me and slowly the clouds started to clear, I found my direction, new inspiration and inner peace. Then, as if the Universe knew, Queen Beyonce dropped a bunch of newness and delivered a new soundtrack for LIFE giving us all the inspirational quotes.


     Keep running, winners and take care of you because there’s lots of important work to do.

Kristen xo

Photo by Augusta Sagnelli

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Miss Kris Black Dress

Just in times for Valentines Day, this caped black little number from Forever 21.

Available in straight (here) and plus (here) sizes. PS: I seems to be sold out online in plus sizes (cause it pretty much looks great on every. Try your local store!)

Happy Valentine’s Day my loves! xo



Shot by Selena Stills 

Miss Kris #LBD 101

Los Angeles, CA – I know I said a few months back that I would never buy another black dress. Well I was lying to myself. I have to confess that nothing makes me more excited than a chic LBD. I can no longer fight it. I have decided to embrace by love for the black dress with the launch of a new series. Fridays are now officially #LBDFridays here on Miss Kris. Every week I will lovingly feature a fab new black dress because there’s really no way around my obsession. I use to think I didn’t need another black dress, but the truth is no two LBDs are the same!

Today I’m gushing over this high/low, off the shoulder dress from City Chic. It fits the curves of my body like a glove. It comes with a belt AND it has pockets. It’s the perfect party dress! Click here to shop.

Miss Kris #LBD 102

Miss Kris #LBD 103

Miss Kris #LBD 104