Miss Kris Office Space The Glam Factory Exciting news ladies and gents… I AN OFFICE SPACE!!!! Say what?!?!? Yes, me! Miss Kris presents The Glam Factory. The day I signed my lease I was full of emotions. Keys?! To an office?! For my business?! This has been a long and exciting adventure and the longer I stick to this entrepreneur game, the more I feel like I’m making headway. Building a business and a brand ain’t easy. It has really forced me to grow up and make some tough adult like decisions. As I start to make money from my business I had to decided if I was going to blow the money on hair and nails (’cause yassssss) or invest back into my business. I chose to invest! I signed the lease in the hopes that this spaces will give me more room to be creative, leading to more growth. Fingers crossed! xx xx

Of course, not of this would have been possible with out the support from you guys! Take a look inside my new space (click here to watch the video) and peep the desk we made with galvanized pipe from the hardware store. I’m hoping we’ll all have a lot of fun in this new office space.

Miss Kris Endless Summer 1Los Angeles, CA – September is here! Can you believe it? And with approach of the Labor Day weekend I guess that means Summer has officially coming to an end. Although, I live in sunny Southern California so is Summer ever really over?  I always consider the month of September Summer’s long kiss good-bye. The kids are back in school and folks are back to their regular work schedule, but for us here in L.A. we’re hit with some of our hottest days of the entire year. I’m talking heatwaves in the triple digits and the true meaning of the term endless Summer.

September is mix of sadness, while we say good-bye to the carefree months of June, July, August and excitement as we get back into the swing of our routine and prepare the change of seasons. I like to look at the month of September as my second start. Of course in January, we’re all pumped and excited to start a brand new year. As an entrepreneur, I find that I meet September with the same sort of January 1st excitement. I’ve had all Summer to plot and plan and now I’m ready to execute!

We have so many dreams and goals. So much to accomplish. Let’s start fresh this September and make the second half of the year a success. Think about it… in the fashion industry we all sit around waiting for the September issues to hit the shelves. By far the biggest and most thrilling issue of the entire year. The issue that ushers in the change of season and gets us all inspired for a new Fall wardrobe. Summers over, yes and we’re so sad to see it go, but a new season is here and we’re excited! A season of change and endless possibilities. Who’s ready for a fresh start?

{photos by Selena Avino}

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Palm Springs 1.1Palm Springs 2Palm Springs 3

Revisit my last stay at the Colony Palm Hotel by clicking here.

  • Danielle - THIS IS SO DOPE! I need a road trip ASAP (ok maybe a flight and then a road trip…lol). Those dinosaurs made me nostalgic—I remembered them from the Pee Wee movie before reading your caption…lol.ReplyCancel

  • Hope - Ooooooooh that drink looks good! And the pool amazing. I need to get poolside at the Colony Palms Hotel ASAP. Great tip!ReplyCancel

  • Ahyiana Angel - Love love love! Haven’t been to Palm Springs in years, but this is so making me want to go.ReplyCancel

  • Gary Potter - Awesome!!!! I want to book my getaway NOW. Call my travel agent…..ReplyCancel

  • diana - God, I’m so jealous right now! That’s probably my next destination when travelling to USA and those earings!! Gorgeous!ReplyCancel

  • CamparaRozina.com - Looks amazing! Really like the way you’re visualizing this day journal!ReplyCancel

Miss Kris Black and White 1LOS ANGELES, CA – No one wants to wear pants during the Summer. Honestly, it’s so hot sometimes I hardly want to put on undergarments. Naked and free is the way for me (yea!), but there are occasions during the Summer months when pants (well clothes in general) are a necessary look. High wasted, wide legged pants are my go-to for Summer soirees. A wide leg is a fashionable form of natural ventilation.  H&M has a great collection of wide leg pants that are 1.) inexpensive and 2.) come larger sizes, which is helpful for us girls that are inbetween straight and plus sizes.

When wearing wide legged pants might I suggest pairing it with a fitted top and tucking it into your pants. This highlights your natural waist and really gives you a classy and chic look. Just a little Miss Kris style tip for your consideration. Plus click here to see how to accessorize your look with this tasseled straw hat.

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